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Metty Fisseha, or Dagmawit Metty Fisseha, is a hard-working self-starter and business owner. Born in Ethiopia and raised between the United Kingdom and Washington, DC, she is an entrepreneur with roots in the financial as well as tech industry. Graduated from Duke University, she currently works for Amazon Alexa as the Head of Product Marketing. There, she oversees many operations and manages a wide range of difficult and challenging tasks on a daily basis. However, she welcomes this busy as well as hectic work schedule. As Metty said herself, “this type of work environment is how I learn to go above and beyond”.

Early Life of Metty Fisseha

metty fisseha duke universityDagmawit Metty Fisseha was born in Ethiopia. Throughout her early life, she was raised between the United Kingdom and Washington, DC. With a caring and loving family, Metty Fisseha learned the importance of compassion, leadership, and empathy. These skills taught her many important life lessons and later proved to be extremely useful in her professional career. In fact, she attributes her professional as well as academic success to her clever use of these skills at the right time in the right setting.

After years of studying and excelling academically, she was accepted to Duke University. The first her her many accomplishments that eventually paved the way for her success. At Duke, she focused her studies on Pre-Med, Political Science, and African American Studies. While attending university, she was a proud member of the Pi Beta Society and has volunteered as a mentor for the Girls Club. There, she helped young girls reach their potential in the inner-city.

Success & Professional Career

After graduating Duke University with outstanding grades and a few recommendation letters from her professors, she began her professional career. Through her post-graduate employment search, Metty Fisseha found herself drawn to the world of technology investment and finance. In fact, she worked for Goldman Sachs, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and America Reads America Writers. With a lot of shifts in careers, Metty used this opportunity to further hone her leadership skills as well as project management skills. She wanted to make sure that regardless of which company and what position she worked in, she’d excel above everyone else.

Currently, she works as the Head of Product Marketing for Amazon Alexa, a position that she worked tirelessly to earn. At Amazon Alexa, she has learned more about the technology industry than she could have ever dreamed of. In addition to gaining new insight on the tech-industry, it also sparked an idea in Metty. This idea eventually became a start-up company called Millenni-Corps, a service for employers to provide paid time off trips for their employees.

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While working between Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon, Metty Fisseha came up with the idea for Millenni-Corps. The idea is simple, yet revolutionary. She wants to find a way for employers to compensate their employees for their hard work, beyond monetary compensation. This idea inspired her to create Millenni-Corps. Essentially, employers can then add her services as a part of a benefits package and help those who might be struggling with the financial means to afford a lovely weekend. Through this idea, Metty wants to bring people together and help make the world a better place. She also wants to use Millenni-Corps as a way to strengthen the relationship between employers and employees, which is often times rocky.

Her Goal

This website serves a wide plethora of purposes. For Metty Fisseha, it is not only a place for her to humbly showcase her professional achievements. It is also a place for her to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals all over the world. According to Metty, one of the best ways in this day and age to make meaningful connections is via the internet. This can be especially true if you’ve worked long enough in the tech and finance industry. As a self-starter, an entrepreneur, a member of Pi Beta Society, and a graduate of Duke University, Metty is looking to meet more professional allies in her quest to expand Millenni-Corps.