With prior experience working on Wall Street as well as Goldman Sacs, Dagmawit Metty Fisseha has tons of professional experience. In addition, while working on Wall Street, Metty witnessed first hand the importance of a strong professional network. It was because of this robust professional network that she built over the years that made her successful today. Whenever she needed to venture into a completely new and foreign field, an ally was always there to help and guide her. Whenever she needed to get in touch with an expert that could help her expand her business, a friend always lent a hand. Moreover, these connections that she made over the years enabled her to excel when she worked in the tech and finance industry.

In addition to her busy and hectic professional career, she also lives a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle outside of work. She actively participates in yoga as well as meditation, and she strongly believes in spirituality. Music also plays a detrimental role in her life. It helps her relax, de-stress, and recharge her battery at home before going back to work. Combining these hobbies, Metty is able to achieve a healthy work-life balance. It enables her to excel in all aspects of life, especially her career.

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Nowadays, Dagmawit Metty Fisseha is not only trying to excel in her current position as the Head of Product Marketing at Amazon Alexa, she is also trying to start her own business, Milleni-Corps. What is MillenniCorps? According to Metty, it is a service for employers to provide paid time-off trips for their valued employees. It allows for employers to find interesting and rewarding ways to compensate their employees for their hard work. It is also a fantastic way for employers to show their appreciation toward their employees via non-monetary compensation methods.

Currently, Metty is looking to expand her professional network to not only solidify her position at Amazon Alexa, but also to find potential business partners for Milleni-Corps. If you’re interested in working with her, complete the form below!