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Throughout her professional career, Dagmawit Metty Fisseha has made numerous appearances in the press.

Dagmawit Metty Fisseha As Seen In The Media

As a successful entrepreneur and self-starter, making appearances in the media is inevitable. Metty’s current goal is trying to spread awareness for Millenni-Corps by reaching out to as many news outlets and potential business partners as possible. She wishes to for more people to see the benefit of using Millenni-Corps in building a stronger bond between employers and employees. Most recently, she made an appearance on Ideamensch and Inspirery. These are reputable and highly-respected interview platforms. On Ideamensch as well as Inspirery, entrepreneurs and business owners discuss their life story, struggles, and road to success. When Metty was interviewed, she discussed her roots in Ethiopia and growing up between the UK as well as Washington, DC. She also discussed her academic history, attending Duke University, as well as being a member of Pi Beta Society.

dagmawit metty fisseha press and links

Aside from making an appearance on Ideamensch and Inspirery, Dagmawit Metty Fisseha also appeared in articles. Most notably, Patch and Prague Post featured her as young female entrepreneur of the month. There, she discussed the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and how she managed to achieve success after years of hard work. In addition, she also discussed how she uses yoga, meditation, and music to de-stress at the end of the day. Doing so helps her tremendously in focusing on her work the next day.



Metty Fisseha | Inspirery

Metty Fisseha is a dynamic as well as charismatic tech-centric entrepreneur with roots in the financial industry. She was born in Ethiopia and raised between the United Kingdom and Washington, DC. She graduated from Duke University intending to go to medical school but had a last minute change of heart and went to work on Wall Street instead. Currently she works at Amazon, Alexa, and is working on launching her own company, Millenni-Corps.

Founder of MillenniCorps – Founder of MillenniCorps

Having a group of people besides yourself who believe in your abilities is an essential part of staying sane, even when things don’t go the way you were hoping they would. Dagmawit Metty Fisseha (Metty) is a Senior Product Marketing Manager in Alexa at Amazon.

Metty Fisseha | Crunchbase

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Metty Fisseha came to the US at an early age. She grew up between Washington DC and London, UK. After obtaining her degree from Duke University, Metty embarked on her professional journey by first working on Wall Street. She then worked for Goldman Sachs, and eventually landed her job at Amazon Alexa as the Head of Product Marketing.

Metty Fisseha – Medium

Read writing from Metty Fisseha on Medium. Metty Fisseha is a successful entrepreneur, currently employed as Head of Product Marketing with Amazon Alexa. In her spare time, she enjoys doing Yoga as well as listening to music. As the founder of Millenni-Corps, she is excited to launch the product soon.

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