Born in Ethiopia, Metty Fisseha is a charismatic, hardworking, as well as experienced tech-centric entrepreneur. With roots in the financial industry, she currently works as a Senior Product Marketing Manager in Alexa at Amazon. Aside from her primary career focus at Amazon, she is also looking to start a company of her own. In fact, she has been developing ideas for Millenni-Corps for awhile now and she is hoping to launch it in the near future.


In its simplest terms, Millenni-Corps is a company that acts as a central hub to bring young people, their employers, and grassroots nonprofits together. At Millenni-Corps, their mission statement is to build a framework where companies sponsor employees to go on service trips. Essentially, these trips are a mini sabbatical, which in turn, helps young people feel satisfied with their employment.

Metty Fisseha came up with the idea when she observed that employers are always seeking for ways to recruit and retain talent. This is even more true in the tech industry. Additionally, in the past decade, she has witnessed companies offering all sorts of benefits to their employees. From food, to massages, and even on-site childcare, as well as pet insurance, Metty Fisseha has seen all types of compensations that companies deliver to their staff. With excessive research, Metty arrived at a conclusion. She believes that the focus should be on millennials as well as their passion for corporate social responsibility.

According to Dagmawit Metty Fisseha, millennials currently make up a third of the US labor force. In addition, this number is likely going to continue growing. When they’re asked in surveys, millennials tend to place heavier emphasis on civic engagement. They also prioritizes meaningful learning experiences over material gains. As Metty was reflecting on this, she came up with a way for companies to compensate their employees. This is essentially where the idea of Millenni-Corps came from. Their mission is to bring non-profits, companies, as well as young talents together to accomplish 3 goals.

  1. Companies offer sponsored service trips as a benefit which will help recruit/retain top talent
  2. Non-profits tap into a source of passionate individuals that care about their mission
  3. Young employees find fulfillment through helping less fortunate communities

Professional Skills

metty fisseha skills

With prior experience working for Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland, and currently working for Amazon, Metty Fisseha comes equipped with a plethora of professional skills.

Industry Knowledge

  • Data Analysis
  • Economics
  • Capital Markets
  • Derivatives
  • Financial Analysis
  • Social Media Management
  • Research
  • Fixed Income
  • Corporate Finance
  • Equities

Interpersonal Skills

  • Public Speaking
  • Rapport Building
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Negotiation

Metty Fisseha’s Personal Life

Aside from working for Amazon Alexa and starting her own company Millenni-Corps, Metty partakes in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Widely recognized as a therapeutic activity, practicing yoga and mindfulness allows an individual to experience a wide array of health benefits. Furthermore, yoga, meditation and mindfulness allow individuals to reduce their overall stress levels. This, by extension, helps individuals reduce their anxiety level and improve their overall physical well-being. In addition, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness also contribute to an improved psychological as well as emotional state.

Finally, as the founder of Millenni-Corps, Metty is constantly under a lot of pressure. Furthermore, dealing with clients, business partners, and maintaining work-life balance can be an impossible task. Luckily, with the help of yoga and meditation, she is able to achieve a state of zen at the end of a stressful day.

metty fisseha smiling

Metty Fisseha


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