metty fisseha written workThough currently working as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Alexa, Metty Fisseha enjoys reading and writing in her free time. In fact, aside from Yoga, meditation, and music, reading and writing are some of her top hobbies. She has written and published on Medium, a popular blog sharing platform that allows bloggers to connect. She believes that the best way to keep the mind sharp is via constant reading and writing.

A typical weekend for Metty starts with her waking up to a warm cup of coffee, followed by a simple Yoga routine to help her stretch her body, before she eventually indulges in some blog writing.

On Medium, Metty Fisseha explores topics that define her. These include yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, which greatly her maintain her inner zen despite having a hectic work schedule. In addition, she has published a lot of written work on women working in the tech industry. She discusses some of the struggles that women face and the obstacles they have to overcome when working in the tech field.

Furthermore, she enjoys traveling, specifically to Africa as well as Europe. Therefore, she discusses some of her favorite travel destinations within those continents. Finally, she firmly believes that music can be used as a form of art and expression.

Metty Fisseha’s Written Work